Stevie R & CERPINTXT - Madilo EP [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl]

from Chapter 24 Records

A1. Red Lemon
A2. Red Lemon {Ed Davenport Edition}
B1. Red Lemon {Man Power Edition}
B2. Madilo

A blossoming creative relationship has been bubbling between young talent CERPINTXT and Stevie R ever since she appeared on his label Inside Out in late 2017. Kindred spirits with a shared appreciation for the leftfield fringes, experimentation and deep dark grooves, here they continue their collaborative work on Chapter 24 with the first release from Stevie R’s forthcoming album. A new chapter beckons…

‘Madilo’ ignites the fire; a bright, relentless house affair laced with a dreamy vocal chop and an underslung bassline that bites beneath the surface like a shoal of piranhas. Twisted but restrained and peppered with infectious percussion, it sets the scene for the Greco-Egyptian collaboration in London perfectly. ‘Red Lemon’ is a much darker jam that’s built around a granular staccato riff that changes in texture and weight as more loopy layers are introduced. The word hypnotic is bandied around too much these days, but this truly is a mesmerising moment.

Meanwhile in the parallel universe of remixes, Chapter 24 have gone to town, recruiting two significant and influential heavyweights on the revision duties. Counterchange bossman Ed Davenport returns from his Inland guise for a thumping twist of ‘Red Lemon’ that’s equal parts pneumatic and aquatic, while Man Power breaks down the original groove to its bare-naked acid line and rebuilds it with a crushing analog hook, off-beat timpani and a host of subtle trippy textures.

Two exceptional originals, two respectful, innovative remixes; one massive album to look forward to. Stevie R is just warming up.

Catalog number: CH034
Release date: 21 September 2018 (vinyl only)
Original artwork: Simon Vaeth.

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